Calendar of Friends’ and Audubon Walks at the SJWA

All walks are free and open to everyone. No reservations are needed. Children are welcome. Binoculars and birding books provided. To all walks, wear comfortable shoes, hats and sunscreen and bring water, snacks and binoculars, if you have them.

Updated April 2018

Plants And Wildflowers

Saturday April 14, 9am to 12 noon

Meet at SJWA Parking Lot. Sue Nash (909-228-6710)

David Bramlet and Patrick Temple, botanists and rare plants of the SJWA specialists will introduce you to the main plants of the coastal sage scrub, grasslands, riparian and wetland habitats of the SJWA. We hope to see the San Jacinto Crownscale, Spreading Navarretia and Threadleaved Brodiaea, all rare plants difficult to find outside of the SJWA. You will learn not only the plants, but also the soil type and moisture regime of each of their unique habitats and their relationships to each other, and to their pollinators and to those who feed on them.

Audubon All Day At The SJWA

Sunday April 22, 7am

Meet at the SJWA Parking Lot. Tony Metcalf (951-242-7038) Chet McGaugh (951-781-3699)

Tony Metcalf and Chet McGaugh will lead this all day tour of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area. As both are big fans of the shorebirds, and the date is excellent for a good migration experience, we intend to spend most of the weekend searching mudflats, marshes, slop ponds, wet fields and sky. It is our hope that we can provide some knowledge about this fascinating bunch of birds, stimulate appreciation and interest in them, and mitigate some of the phobias. And have fun. The study of shorebirds is greatly enhanced by the use of spotting scopes, so we hope there will be plenty besides our own.

Butterflies, Dragonflies And Other “Bugs”

Saturday May 5, 4:30pm to 9pm

Meet at the SJWA Parking Lot. Sue Nash (909-228-6710)

On this evening walk (sunset is 7:30 pm) Gordon Pratt, entomologist and butterfly specialist, will help you identify the butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, moths, spiders and other fascinating creatures you can see on the SJWA. We will go to the wetlands during the day and at night to capture (with nets, lights & sheets) and observe them close up. Gordon will show his drawers of California insects, and then as the sun slowly sets, Gordon will set up a trail of oatmeal. We will search the trail of oatmeal for insects as well as run a mercury vapor light. In addition, we will also walk around looking for things like sun spiders (Solfugids). This walk is excellent for students of all ages who want hands on experience. Bring hand lens and butterfly net, if you have one.

FOR INFORMATION on all walks, call Sue Nash at (909) 228-6710. Our walks are free and open to all. Children are welcome and you do not need to be a member of the Friends to join us on any of our walks.

WHERE TO MEET: All nature walks meet at the appointed time in the parking lot of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area headquarters at 17050 Davis Road, Lakeview. There are picnic tables and restrooms available if you want to spend the day.

FOR ALL WALKS bring binoculars, camera (if you are interested), non-toxic insect repellent, sturdy walking shoes, hat, sun screen, plenty of water, lunch, snacks, and wear appropriate clothing for the weather.

WAIVER FORM: The Friends ask that all walk participants sign waiver of responsibility forms. Please be aware that minors (under 18) cannot sign the waiver. The signator must be a parent or other responsible adult. If you will not be with or are dropping off a minor at one of the Friends' nature walks, please contact Sue Nash at (909) 228-6710 or e-mail her at:

Hours: The wildlife area is open seven days a week from Dawn to Dusk. You are welcome to visit on your own at any time. There is an Information Kiosk on the east side of Davis Road adjacent to the parking lot. Please note the dates and times for fall hunting; wetlands and other areas may be closed to non-hunting public uses.

BEGINNING BIRD WALKS: San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society organizes and sponsors Beginning Bird Walks (BBW) at various locations in Riverside County. We are fortunate that a number of walks are held at the San Jacinto Wildlife Area. Please note that there is a new start time for the BBWs--8:00 a.m. Please check Audubon's web site at: for more information on dates and locations for all their Beginning Bird Walks. Or call Cathy Tobin at (951) 684-9613.

San Jacinto Wildlife Area, 17050 Davis Road, Lakeview. Telephone: (951) 928-0580.
Davis Road is closed from Moreno Valley. Please use one of the following routes to visit the San Jacinto Wildlife Area.

From Moreno Valley: Go south on Perris Boulevard to the Ramona Expressway; go east on the expressway to Davis Road in Lakeview; go north on Davis Road 2.3 miles to the headquarters. From Hemet/San Jacinto Area: take the Ramona Expressway west to Davis Road in Lakeview; go north on Davis Road 2.3 miles to the headquarters. From Highway 215: exit at the Ramona Expressway; take the Ramona Expressway east to Davis Road in Lakeview; go north on Davis Road 2.3 miles to the headquarters.

DURING THE RAINY SEASON please use extreme caution when driving on Davis Road if there have been recent rains. Do not drive on Davis Road if it is muddy or it is raining. During the rainy season, please call the wildlife area headquarters at (951) 928-0580 during regular work hours to ask about road conditions.

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