Join the Fight against the proposed
World Logistics Center

The World Logistics Center (WLC) project is a proposal to build 41.6 million square feet of warehouse and associated uses on 2,710 acres of existing agricultural lands located in the east end of Moreno Valley. The WLC southern project boundary will immediately abut the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) [the name was changed to "wildlife" from "game" as of 01/01/13] San Jacinto Wildlife Area (SJWA),  the principal Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) Conservation Reserve and the most important biodiversity conservation site in western Riverside County.

The Friends oppose this project as does:
The Center for Biodiversity (,
• San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society (
The Natural Resources Defense Council
( southern_california_city_wants.html),
Sierra Club ( )
Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (
• and the Residents for a Livable Moreno Valley (

The WLC project description is fatally flawed: The SJWA is owned in fee by the CDFW [click here for 4 grant deeds] and has never been owned by Mr. Benzeevi; the SJWA is not part of the WLC Specific Plan—the Moreno Highlands Specific Plan expired in 2011; the alleged "conservation buffer" is a falsehood and does not exist.   

All of these groups are concerned about the significant impacts to human health due to an increase in mortality and illness from some of the worst air quality in the world made worse by diesel exhaust, the increase in greenhouse gases and global warming, the increase in diesel truck traffic on the freeways and in neighborhoods, the loss of agricultural land, the use of the publicly-owned San Jacinto Wildlife Area as mitigation for this private project, violations of state planning and zoning laws and the project’s growth-inducing and cumulative impacts. 

The draft environmental impact report (DEIR) comments submitted so far are listed below and will shortly be organized under organizations and topics for your ease in reviewing.

Comments on the WLC DEIR may be made in writing or in person up until the time the City adopts or denies this project. Click here to view a pdf of a sample letter you may want to use in making your comments. Click here to download the Microsoft Word document.

Comments on the World Logistics Center

Comments are in pdf form. Click to open in a browser window. Right-click (Windows) Control-click (Mac) to download. There are size notation on the larger files.

If you don't have a pdf reader, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the following button:

Accomondo Comments.pdf

Air Resources Board Comments

American Lung Association Comments

Amino Comments

Ana Hernandez Comment

Ballmer Comments

Behren's Attachment 2.6 MB

Behrens Comments

Blain Comments

Brietkreuz Comments

Bush Comments

California Clean Energy Committee Attachment

California Clean Energy Committee Comments

California Outdoor Heritage Alliance Comments

Cargasacchi Comments

Castelos Comments

Center for Biological Diversity- Audubon Comments

City of Riverside Comments

City of Riverside Attachment 1 3.4 MB

City of Riverside Attachment 2

City of San Jacinto Comments

Clearinghouse Comments

Coates Comments

Coffing Comments

Cook Comments

Cox Comments

Cree Comment

Crocker Comments

Curt Perry Comments

D. Moore Comments

Dale Comments

Dandrige Comments

Dembowski Comments

Dept of Army

Dept of Fish and Wildlife Comments 1.9 MB

Devlin Comments 3.4 MB

Devlin Comments - Second Letter 3.4 MB

Drennan Comments

Dyer Comments

Eberhard Comments

Edison Comments 2.7 MB

Espinoza Comments

Fitts Comments

Garcia Comments

Givens Comments

Hadaway Comments

Hamman Comments

Harris Comments

Heveran Comments

Heveran Comments Part 2

Hodge Comments

Hodge Comments Part 2

Holt Comments

Inland Empire Water Keeper Comments

Jempson Comments

Jiannino Comments

Jim, Rosemary and Paul Hernandez Comments

Johnson and Sedlack Comments

Johnson and Sedlack Attachment 1 2.6 MB

Johnson and Sedlack Attachment 2

Johnson and Sedlack Attachment 3

Johnson and Sedlack Attachment 4 9.2 MB

Johnson Comments

Karen Jakpor Comments

Kilday, Loretta and William Comments

Klann Comments

Koehler -Pelayo-Urias - Koo Letters

Koo Comments

LaBelle Comments

LaFayette Comments

Levin Comments

Lindgren Comments

Lins Comments

Louanne Moore Comments

Lozeau Drury Comments 5.4 MB

Lozeau Drury Exhibits

LW Properties Comments

Madera Comments

Mamulski Comments

Mark Moore Comments

Marshall Comments

Masters Comments

Mathew Comments

McCoy Comments

McKibben Comments

Melton Comments

Mesa Comments

Metropolitan Water District Comments 1.3 MB

Moothart Comments

Moreno Comments


MVUSD Comments

MVUSD Comments Part 2

Newkirk Comments 3.1 MB

Newkirk, Tiffany Comments

Newkirk, Timothy Comments

Otana Jakpor Comments

Palm Springs Department of Fish and Wildlife Comments

Papiernik Comments

Paulek Comments 1.6 MB

Pechanga Comments 1.7 MB

Reeder and Bell Comments

Riverside County Flood Control Comments

Riverside County Transportation and Land Management Agency C

Robinson Comments

San Diego Gas and Electric and Southern Cal Gas Joint Comments

SCAQMD Comments

Shute Mihaly and Weinberger Comments 3.3 MB

Sierra Club - CCAEJ an d NRDC Comments 6.6 MB

Sierra Club- San Gorgonio Chapter Comments 6.4 MB

Sierra Club- San Gorgonio Chapter Additional Comments

Simmons Comments

Smith Comments

Soboba Band of Luiseño Indians Comments

Soboba Comments

Soto Comments

Stan Perry Comments

State Department of Parks and Recreatiion 2.3 MB

State Department of Transportation Comments

State of California Natural Resources Agency Comments 2.3 MB

Suiter Comment Letter

Thompson Comments

Thornsley Comments

Thornsley Attachment

Tipton Comments

U S Environmental Protection Agency Comments

Villanueva Comments

Walsh Comments

Weleba Comments

Western Riverside County MSHCP Comments

Wike Comments

Wilson Comments


Wolfskill Trust Comment

Wolterbeek Comments

Wong Comments

Yurkovich Comments

Ziady Comments




Comments on the Mid-County Parkway Project April 2013

Federal coded




F-4 Dept of Army

F-5 US Depart of Interior Fish and Wildlife

State coded



S-3 California Transportation Commission

S-4 Dept of Water Resources

S-5 Caltrans


S-7 Dept of Fish and Wildlife

Regional, County and City coded

R-1 City of Perris

R-2 City of San Jacinto

R-3 City of Riverside Planning Division

R-4 Riverside County Flood Control

R-5 County of Riverside TLM

Tribal Governments coded

TG-1 Pechanga Cultural Resources

Special Districts, Utilities coded


Figure [Mid_County_Parkway_MWD_Facilities_Overlay]

Final Letter - Mid County Parkway Project

Geotechnical Guidelines [geotechgdlns]

Letter 1-08-09 [MWD Comment Ltr

Letter 5-13-05 [2001-04-007]

Letter 12-15-04 C



Interested Parties coded


IP-2 Center for Biological Diversity

IP-3 Friends of the Northern San Jacinto Valley

IP-4 Inland Empire Waterkeeper

IP-5 Perris Business Park, LLC

IP-6 Center for Bio Diversity

IP-7 Optimus Building Corporation

IP-8 Friends of the Northern San Jacinto Valley

IP-9 CANativePlantSociety

Members of the General Public coded

P-1 Tecla Long and P-2 Warren G

P-3 Cliff Jones

P-4 Stephany Borders and P-5 Bil Larkin

P-6 Clinton E Stoutenburgh

P-7 Linden Gray

P-8 Glenda Love

P-9 Sharon Myers-Durbin

P-10 Francisco Lopez

P-11 Robert Hewitt

P-12 Aileen Hertiz

P-13 Samir Patel

P-14 Martin and Sonia Franco

P-15 Jim and Jo Pettus

P-16 Samir Patel and P-17 Jolly Shah

P-18 Montti

P-19 Victor and Lindsay Ropac

P-20 Neal De Witt and P-21 Patricia Mayne

P-22 Sam and P-23 Sam

P-24 Madeline Schlimer

P-25 Brian and P-26 Brian

P-27 Richard l Schmitt

P-28 Jay Jones and P-29 David Smiths

P-30 Mel Wagstaff

P-31 Lisa McCullough and P-32 Daniel Charles Thomas

P-33 Lynn Peterson and P-34 Elaine Utterback

P-35 Nathan Westphal

P-36 Lea Deesing and P-37 Trip Hord

P-38 Joyce Schwartz and P-39 Andrea Paris

P-40 Jeffrey Thompson

P-41 Natasha Salgado

Transcripts coded

T-1 Public Hearing Community Outreach

Comment Cards coded

CC-1 Bill Bryant to CC-3 Dan Mudrovich

CC-4 Aurela Varela to CC-27vMelinda Larkin

CC-28 Carla Adane to CC-48 Mark Baetec

CC-49 Martin Rauirez to CC-53 Peter Edwards

New Email Signups uncoded

Amanda Hurley

Angel Gonzalez

Arlene Chun


Cindy Pedraza

Dan Silver

David MacDonald

E. Hikel


Isaac Segovia

James Olsen

Jason Mernick

Johnny Payan

Jonathan Nadler


Julio Bjn


Larry Russell

larry self

Lisa Mccullough

Marcus Paris

Mark Bartel

P R Clark

Rebecca Deleon


Rett Coluccio

Steve Agor

Tom Ionta

Wilma Offibga

Comments on the October 2008 draft EIR/EIS, Mid-County Parkway


1_2009_01_08_MCP DEIS Comments

DOI Letter 012309

DOI-FWS Comments 012309

3_USACE Comment Ltr_MCP DEIS_200700537

4_USACE Comment Ltr_MCP DEIS_021009


1_Caltrans 111908

2_State of CA Public Utilities Commission 112008

3_Native American Heritage Commission Letter 112108

4_DTS Letter 120308

5_CA Regional Water Qaulity Control Board Letter 121208

6_State Clearinghouse Letter 121508

7_DFG 1-8-09

8_State Clearinghouse Letter 010809

9_CA State Lands Commission

Regional, City

1_Riverside County Fire Department letter 110408

2_Riverside Cnty

2_Riverside Cnty

3_City of Corona 120808

4_Riverside Transit Agency Letter 121608

5_Riverside County Waste Mangament Dept 120808

6_Riverside County Regional Park and Open Space District 010609

7_City of Perris 010609

7_City of Perris Revised Lettter 010809

8_City of San Jacinto letter 010709

9_County of Riverside First District 010809

10_Riverside Cnty

11_City of Riverside 010809

12_Riverside Cnty

13_City of Perris Supplemental Letter 010709

14_Co of Riverside Trans

15_Riverside County Economic Development Agency Letter

University and Schools

1_Hemet USD Letter 110608

2_Val Verde USD 122608

3_UCR-John T Rotenberry Letter 010809

4_UCR-Kenneth Halama Letter 010809

5_San Jacinto USD attachment

5_San Jacinto USD

Services and Utilities

1_SCE Letter 010809

2_MWD Email 010809

3_USA Waste Email

Organizations, Interested Parties

1_Cindy Ferry on behalf of RAGLM mtg 103008

2_Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce 110508

3_Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians Letter 121008

4_Greater Lake Mathews Rural Trails Association

5_Sierra Club-San Gorgonio Chapter

6_Sierra Club-San Gorgonio and Angeles Chapters

7_Endangered Habitats League Letter 010709

8_Friends of the Nor San Jacinto Valley 010709

9_Calif Native Plant Society Letter 010809

10_Inland Empire Waterkeeper 010809

11_Center for Biological Diversity 010809

Friends of Riverside Hills Errata 010909

Friends of Riverside Hills Letter 010809

Pechanga Email 010809

Pechanga Letter 010809

14_Corona Chamber of Commerce Letter 123008

15_Riverside-San Bern Ch


1_Curtis Younger Email 100908

2_Mike Nelson Email 101008

3_Nick Luick Email 101008

4_Sandy Austell Email 101108

5_Frank Lucardie Email 101108

6_Adrienne Email 101208

7_Antonio Valdez Email 101608

8_Lawrence Robillard Email 101608

9_Ken Theisen Email 102008

10_Ken Steele Email 103108

11_Maureen Frederick Letter 102108

12_Patrick and Leslie Huston Letter 102108

13_Ric Rasco Email 102208

14_Bill Waechter Email 102808

15_Barbara Watters Email 102908

16_Kim, Chang Z, and Young H Letter103008

17_Kim Chang Email 110108

18_Kim Chang Email 110308 (2)

19_Kim Chang Email 110308

20_Shah Email 110208

21_Maethorne Email 110308

22_Charles H Pearson Letter 110308

23_Lorie and Steve Myers Letter 110408

24_Lorie Myers Email 110508

25_Kim Chang Email 110708

26_Bill Waechter Email 111108

27_June Scales Letter 111208

28_Vaughn A Jones Letter 111408

29_Jeff Beehler Email 111708

30_June Scales Letter 111208

31_Richard Robinson Letter 111708

32_Slaughter Family Letter 111808

33_Everett Allen Letter

34_Mike Nelson Email 112108

35_Robert Fox Email 112208

36_Robert Williams Email 112208

37_Kim Chang Email 112208

38_Don Jones Email 112608

39_June Scales Letter 113008

40_Helen and Patrick Guaydacan Email 112808

41_Chang Email 112808

42_Philip and Stephanie Gaynor Letter 112908

43_June Scales Letter 113008

44_Kevin and Karly Gaynor Letter 112908

45_Earl Nordquist Email 113008

46_June Scales Letter 113008

47_Gayle Brewer Email 113008

48_Robert Fisher Letter 113008

49_Deborah Eschrich Email 120208

50_Pat McDonnell Email 120808

51_Debbie Murataya Email 120308

52_Julia Buckley Email(2) 120308

53_Julia Buckley Email 120308

54_Sergio Gomez Email 120408

55_Damon Allen Email 120508

56_Damon Allen Email 120808

57_Jim and Pam Meyer Letter 120908

58_JE Burleson Letter 120808pdf

59_Emma Wright Email 120908

60_Charles H Pearson Letter 120208

61_Bobbie Hawkins Letter 121008

62_Von J De Fres Letter 121108

63_Paul Carlton Letter 121508

64_Clay Andrews Email 121908

65_Rob and Barbara Carr 122708

65_Rob and Barbara Carr 122708

67_Matthew Email 122908

68_Laura Samples Letter 123008

69_Jenny Shutz Letter 123108

70_Ulrike Luderer Letter 010609

71_Frank Lucardie Letter 010809

72_Susan Livesey Email 010509

73_Judy Piquet Email 010509

74_Phyllis Spivey Letter 010509

75_Cheryl Brown Email 010609

76_Edwin Waite Email 010609

77_Gottfried Luderer Letter 010709

78_Patrick Mitchell Email 010609

79_Steve Krause Email 4 010609

80_Steve Krause Email 3 010609

81_Steve Krause Email 2 010609

81_Steve Krause Email 2 010609

83_Susan Scott Letter 010609

84_Eugenia M Sierra Letter 010609

85_Abram and Anneliese Apodace Letter 010609

John Roth-intro letter 010709

Roth Volume 1

Roth Volume 2

Roth Volume 3

87_Cindy Ferry Email 010709

88_Yazmin Ammirta Email 010709

89_Scott Rose Email 010709

90_Karen Winter Email 010709

91_Allen Ferry Email 010709

92_Anders Wistrom Email 010709

93_Terri Meine Email 010709

94_Laurie Taylor Email 010709

95_Ralph Hileman Email 010709

96_Joyce Schwartz Email 010709

97_Lynne Glazer Email 010709

98_Richard Woodbeck Email 010709

99_Lori Woodbeck Email 010709

100_Lori Scott Email 010709

101_Andew and Clair Walker Email 010709

102_Jerry Grell Email 010709

103_Karen Cook Letter 010809

104_Samantha Dempster Email 010709

105_Laurie Taylor Email(2) 010709

106_David Kepke Email 010709

107_Jeff W Kidd

108_William Enos Email2 010709

109_William Enos Email 010709

110_Tim Bronson Email 010809

111_Eddie Jimenez Website 010809

112_Barbara Iyer Email 010809

113_Douglas M Morton Email 010809

114_Paula Vice Email 010809

115_William Enos Email 010809

116_Michelle Randall Website 010809

117_William Murray Email 010909

118_Form Letter

119_Cindy Ferry Email 120308

120_Cindy Ferry Email1203008

121_June Scales Letter 120208

122_Lori Woodbeck Email 010709-2

123_C Walter Email 010709

124_Jerry and Ann Grell Email 010709

Comment Cards

3570 Watkins Dr

Abel Estever

Alice Roberts

Anita May

Arlene Van








Public Hearing November 6, 2008

Public Hearing November 12, 2008

Public Meeting

Public Meeting

Public Meeting

Benjamin Schmeidn

Bob Gregory

Brian Thompson


Carl Whiteo

Carlotta Frusstenberg

Carlynn McCarmick

Chang Kim

Chas Duane Romero

Cherney Hung

Cindy Henderson

Cindy Henderson 2

Citrus Hills High School Forms CC96-139

Clayton and Sandra Rytych


Curtis Wildish

Daniel Loredo

David L Summer

David Petty

David Wright

Dolores Lambert

Everett Allen

Florine Rowerd

George Hague

Gloria Lopez Hicks

Groat Degroat

Harard Gotts2

Harrowd Gotts

Helen Whiteo Weinmueller

Henny Bouris

Isabell Thompson


James M Bryant

Jay Emstrom

Jerry Guindon

Jim and Pam Meyer Comment Card

John C Davis

John E Allen

John Gless

John Haney

John McCormick

Judy David Graham

Judy Whitson

Judy Whitson2

Kenneth Steele

Kris Stewart

Larry Tarpp

Lauren Millsap

Lauren Millsap2

Lee Cussins

Lim Edmund

Linda Kelly

Madalyn Mieldayn

Manceia Vasquez

Manitt Mhetsor

Mario Garcia

Mark Pontous

Martha Thompson

Mary L Adams

Mary Lee Swraringen

May Casper

Mirta Trapp

NJ Davis

Patrick Kelly

Peggy Barreto

Peter Grant

Raul Lopaz

Raul Lopez2

Reed Nichols

Remington Cole Davis

Richard Noterman

Rick Hoffman

Robert Brockie Comment Card

Robert Brockie

Robert Fisher

Roberta Guindon

Roger Hsiao

Ronald B Hicks

Rosa Aponte

Sergion and Jane Mendez Comment Card

Sonia Barreto

Stephen Whitson

Steve and Jaimi Rudd

Steve and Lorie Myers

Steve Mayhee Swearingw

Steve Trotter

Steve Trotter2

Sue Weber

Terry Guindon

Thomas Molter

Tiber McCormick

Tom Gate

Treua E Richardson

Trip Hord

Meeting Transcripts

MCP Tape-Citrus HS December 2, 2008

RCTC Perris Public Hearing Novmeber 2, 2008

RCTC Public Hearing November 12, 2008

Property Owners

1_Laing Sequoia Partners LLC_McCanna Spec

2_Couders Family Limited Partnership Letter 010709

3_First Industrial Trust Letter 010609

4_Castle and Cooke Letter 010509pdf

5_SE Corp Letter 010809

6_Ridge Property Trust Letter 010809

7_Twin Creeks LLC Letter 010809

8_Nuevo Dev

9_3M Email 010809

10_Rados Properties Letter 010809

Late Letters

1_CA Dept of Water Resources

2_Steven Alesi Comment Card

3_Karolina A Porah

4_City of San Jacinto





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